The Early English Bread Project aims to explore all aspects of bread as the most important food among the early English (roughly 500-1100 AD).  From the basics of bread (wheat, barley or rye) to its effect on health and prosperity, from the cycle of the year to the cycle of life, and from bread theology to bread riddles, the study will cover the effects of this fundamental of life on early English civilisation.  Also how bread can allegedly save you from vampires.  Also recipes.

The Early Bread Project is a collaboration between Debby Banham (University of Cambridge) and Martha Bayless (University of Oregon), and is supported by a Collaborative Research Grant from the American Council of Learned Societies.

(The image above is London, British Library Harley 4372, fol. 215v (Northwest France, c. 1460-1487), and is in the public domain.  Note the bread on the table!  The manuscript is available here.)